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dont_pollute's Journal

Give A Hoot, Don't Pollute
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I had the idea for this community a while ago but lack of will caused me not to do much with it. I have my second wind if you will and I'm restarting the effort. The goal of this community is to clean up litter, daily, and post pictures of the garbage you pick up. The catch is, focus on litter that can be recycled. You can pick up any litter you want, but keep an account of everything you end up recycling as a result. I will keep a tally and periodically compile it so we can see how much we are recycling, how much energy we are saving, and how much more beautiful and livable the world is coming. I want this community to get big enough to have one photo of recyclables posted every day. Please, do not post photos of the garbage you yourself generate, even if you are recycling. It is the responsibility of everyone to recycle the waste they generate themselves. This community is about the efforts above and beyond that, what you do in addition. Let's see if this will work this time.