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A New Community about Recycling and Personal Responsibility
drabmuh wrote in dont_pollute
Hello, and welcome to a new year. This community is about litter clean-up and recycling. I was thinking about carbon offsets the other day and realized how arrogant and stupid the idea was. It's a way to feel better about yourself by not doing anything. You don't have to change your wasteful ways, just give $200.00 to some firm that will invest most of that into buying land, a privately owned nature preserve. This is OK, but it doesn't do anything for you and your community. By picking up and recycling litter, you can mitigate your energy consumption not by buying carbon indulgences but by adding to the recycling stream of your community. Almost all garbage can be recycled, depending on the capabilities of your local recycling plant. Be sure to look into the restrictions placed on recycling in your area before attempting to recycle something. I will post progress of this community's efforts periodically and calculate how much energy has been saved by recycling. Maybe you can completely erase your carbon footprint by picking up the empty beer bottles and aluminum cans on your street on the weekend.


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